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First you arent shaving your vagina...hari doesnt grow in the vagina and getting a razor in there would be rather unusual. It is called the Vulva that you are actually shaving.
There are no creams that inhibit hair growth for that area.
I have been shaving for 9 years now and I dont shave every day more like every other day. I dont have a problem with stubble or ingrown hairs.
The only way you could get it where you dont have to maintain it is to have the hair lasered off and that can take several sessions and isnt that cheap. Even with laser removal of hair chances are you will have to go in once a year or so to have touch-ups done.

Now when I first started shaving I trimmed the hair very short with scissors and then got int he shower with warm/hot water to help in shaving. I dont use shaving creams because I cant find any that dont burn or cause a rash on my skin. I have tried numerous one on my legs and since I get that kind of reaction on my legs I sure as heck dont want to risk it with my vuvla. When I shave I first shave with the hair growth and then against it. Try not to go over the same area more than twice until your skin is use to being shaved there. That helps cut down on razor burn. After I am done shaving and showering I put nonscent lotion on and then no clothes/or underwear for at least 10 mintues afterward. I have rarely had to deal with ingrown hairs and so far no bumps or rashes. Ihave seen some ladies on here who use Ban to prevent bumps and such. I haven tried it.
There are also shavers in which you can order online that make it easier to maintain the smooth feel. There are some ladies and even men who have raved about them. I have considered getting one but so far havent ordered one.
You can do a search of the boards and find many posts about shaving if you want to see other tips.
First off I doubt you're shaving your vagina, cos thats nearly impossible... Second off, I agree with all the above posters...Once you start shaving tho, like your legs, you cant stop b/c it gets thicker, and more of it...Do it in the shower, warm water, lots of shaving gel, and a clean fresh razor... BE CAREFUL!.. what I do is I lift my leg on the shower wall, do one side, and then the next.. It helps you to see what you are doing- Make sure you rise well after to get rid of those loose hairs, also when I'm done I put non-fragrent lotion on it, make sure not to get it inside!!! good'luck-pixi

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