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[QUOTE=Malificent]I think it's just to "fit in." I hope you looked at pictures of penises right after circ removal surgery. It made me twitch. Ouch. So yeah, it's a waste of money and it's painful.!!!!!![/QUOTE]

I'm an 18 year old American guy who was born in Europe when my dad was working there. Due to the relative infrequency of infant circumcisions being performed in Europe, my mom and dad decided to leave me uncircumcised at birth. I got circumcised here in the states about a year ago. When I was talking with my urologist about the whole post operative discomfort issue (I was curious about it, so I asked), he said something to the effect that, "Well, you won't want to go out right after the operation and put a jockstrap on and run a marathon, but just wear loose, baggy pants for a couple of weeks and you'll be fine. He was right. For a couple of weeks after the operation all I wanted to wear were loose, baggy cotton pants and boxers and sweats. He gave me some painkillers for the discomfort, though I didn't even need them after a couple of days. Right after the operation my penis was swollen, however, the swelling went down so that after about two weeks you couldn't even tell I'd had the operation done.

[QUOTE=Malificent]You're going to spend so long recovering from the painful surgery that you won't be able to have sex for months, I'd imagine.[/QUOTE]

You'd imagine wrong. First of all, my surgery was as close to totally painless as anything I've ever experienced. I mean I've had beestings that were worse than what I experienced from my circumcision. I had my circumcision done in a hospital operating room under general anesthetic, so the only discomfort (not pain, mind you, but discomfort) was feeling the i.v. line when it was inserted into my arm. I experienced absolutely no other discomfort or pain whatsoever, and I mean none, as in zero. The thing about not being able to have sex for months is a myth. My urologist told me that I'd be able to have sex two weeks after the circumcision, and he was right. My girlfriend was able to masturbate me to ejaculation before the two week period of time was up too, though we didn't try to have oral or vaginal sex during that time period.

[QUOTE=Malificent]What if you DO get it done and somebody sees the freaky-looking scar and says, "JK! I have to go vacuum my cat..." If you care what people think that would mess with you too, I'd assume....[/QUOTE]

Obviously, if a girl ever says anything negative to you about your circumcision scar, then she's so shallow and stupid that you should just pull your pants up and say, "Hey, your cat is waiting for you and let me help you find the vacuum cleaner on the way out too, babe, okay?" Or more candidly, "You know, babe, I've been thinking about the whole integrity of the human gene pool, and after some deep reflection I've decided I don't want to degrade it by having sex with you. Adios." Then pull up your pants and leave.


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