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Re: I need info plz
Jun 16, 2004

i dont kno if there was pre or something that i didnt know. i did release after it was out, but could it come in 2 waves?

Well, in a sense yes, it can "come in 2 waves," in this respect: Different guys ejaculate differently. For one, the ejaculation may take place in just one spurt, and for another there may be many spurts that come out rapidly, bing-bing-bing, one right after the other. OR, regardless of how many spurts there are, there may be a lapse of a few seconds between some of them--assuming there was more than just one, of course. We still don't know exactly what happened in your experience--whether you got the feeling that you were going to "release," as you put it (ejaculate) as soon as you inserted your penis, or whether you lay there for a while, with it inserted. You did clarify that you didn't do any "back and forth" thrusting, which is USUALLY required in order for orgasm to be reached. And of course we don't know how you ejaculate. It would be possible that you had already released a bit of semen just before you pulled out, then the rest came out, which you presumably saw as it happened, after you had pulled out. It's not uncommon for a spurt (or an "ooze") of semen to come out before orgasm actually sets in.

The reason I mentioned the question of how long your penis was kept inside her, has to do with precum -- the natural lube that some guys produce and others don't. If you do put out precum, then the longer you were inside her, the more of it could have oozed out inside her. And tho this lubricating fluid doesn't contain anywhere near the amount of sperm that semen itself contains, it may well contain SOME, which of course presents at least some risk. But you seemed uncertain about the question of precum, which makes me think you probably don't produce it --because you surely must masturbate, and you would certainly be aware of whether you "get wet" before you reach orgasm when you do it.

From what you've said, it sounds to me like what you experienced was a sort of "premature ejaculation," or a climax brought on almost immediately after you inserted your penis, simply by being extremely aroused, and this being a new experience. (That's just a guess, not knowing how much time was involved.) If there was no precum involved, and your pulling out took place before any semen was released, there shouldn't be any problem. We'll hope not! Take care...

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