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3 questions
Jun 20, 2004
My girlfriend and I have just started having sex recently. And i have these few questions.

1) Sometimes before we start she is really tight. I make sure to turn her on beforehad, yet she doesn't seem realxed untill a couple minutes in. Is there a way to stop that as it causes us both pain.

2) We had sex without a condom today (first time, she's on the Pill) and when we finished my semen leaked out of her a bit, is this normal?

3) Also while having sex without a condom I manges to tear a bit of skin of the base of my penis, where the foreskin attatched to the head. It's not the actaual part that attatces, but just next to. ANyway, it really stings, how long will this take to heal, and does it happen regluary?

Thanks In Beforehand

Acid out

EDIT: Also what is the standard amount of time that intercourse lasts for. We usually go for 20 - 30min, is this standard?

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