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Oct 1, 2004
I'm an 18 year old virgin and i have been with my girlfriend for nearly 5 months now. We have not had sex because i havent been able to maintain a strong enough erection when we are about to have actual intercourse. We have done everything else, and we have avoided the prospect of actual intercourse (since the very same problem occured a couple of months ago). I have no problem staying aroused for everything else [ e.g mutual masturbation, oral sex etc ] and i'm extremely scared that i have a medical problem.
After my first climax i have also noticed my erection was been a lot weaker. We normally do other things before we get as far as thinking about intercourse, thus i have normally had 2-3 climaxes by then by other means. I'm obsessed with losing my virginity and i'm still not sure yet whether im suffering from first-time nerves or i actually have a problem. Can someone please give em some advice! ( sorry about the super-long post! )

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