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ThreePegs - What everyone has said above is very very true and you really dont want to rush into anything hun. Sex is a major step and it can be painful, not just physically but emotionally to. (Your understand what I mean if you ever have a pregnancy scare and I hope you dont)

Yes you can still become pregnant while you are on the pill but the chances of this happening are pretty slim but its not impossible. It has happened before.

The best protection for you to use is a condom and birth control pills. Since you are already using birth control thats good but next time make him use a condom.

Now, I will try and answer some of your questions which you asked in your first post.

About semen - If you found its taste pretty minging...which loads of girls do...then do'nt let him ejaculate in your mouth. Also make him wear a condom when you're giving him a blowjob as STD/STI can also be transmitted orally and you could end up with one in your mouth. So becareful. If you dont want to taste his sperm tell him no. Only do what YOU want. Never do what he wants. Its your choice and your decision. You are your own person so dont let him change your mind because he "wants" to.

Ejaculation - Yes you can feel ejaculation sometimes but not all the time. Sometimes when a guy ejaculates and you stand up afterwards you may notice you're very sticky "down there". Well this could be the sperm.

Also I think you should know about pre-cum. (Pre-Ejaculatory Fluid). This contains sperm so never let a guy tell you otherwise and yes, you can become pregnant from pre-cum.

Chances are you friend might of lied about ejaculating. Some guys find it hard to ejaculate, especially during their first time as they are very nervous and worried about making a mistake etc etc. So he might not of ejaculated but said he had. Only he knows hun unless you did feel a very sticky substance between your legs.

Wet - You was wet because you had become sexually aroused. When a woman becomes sexually aroused her vagina prepares itself for sexual entry by releasing a clear discharge which you will feel as wetness. This discharge/wetness is basically a lubricant released from your vagina to help the guy ease his penis into you. Thats why you was feeling wet.

Pain - Oh yeah thats normal hun. You experienced the pain because you Hymen was broken and your vagina was being stretched to accomodate his penis. Make sure you always wash "down there" after sex to prevent any infection.

Also you should know that some women bleed slightly the first time they have sex and other women dont. And, last thing, the 2nd, 3rd and even 4th time of having sex might be uncomfortable for you. This is normal also.

Pleasure - Best thing to do is talk to your friend about "foreplay" which is a sexual stimulant and can involve touching each others genitalia, breasts or oral sex. Only do what you want rememeber and if you dont want sex say no even if you are about to do it. If you dont want sex say no. And finally, also have safe sex. Its a life saver.

Before you have sex with your friend it might be a good idea if you talk to him about your situation and see where you two are heading. Good Luck and play safe! :)

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