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Hard, concrete evidence to some of this is impossible to gather because it's so subjective, but some of the more objective stuff:

There's no 100% effective form of birth control. Every time you have sex with someone, you're running the risk of getting pregnant. Getting pregnant when you don't want to be is something that will stick to you for the rest of your life, whether you decide to keep the child, which will will seriously limit what you can do with the rest of your life, or you put the child up for adoption and know you have a child out there somewhere and they belong to someone, or you abort it, which comes with its own guilt, trauma, and everything else. I storngly believe that if you're not prepared to deal with an unwanted pregancy, you're not ready to have sex. And don't forget, no form of birth control really effective protects against certain diseases, including herpes.

Women who have sex in their teens tend to have more sexual partners during their lifetime. Studies show that women with more sexual partners have a greater risk of cervical cancer later in life.

Studies also show that sexually active teens pay less attention to their studies and extracurricular activities that teens who are not sexually active. Teens who don't put as much energy into studies and activities have a harder time getting into better colleges and scholarships.

Now for the more subjective stuff:

Women tend to make a greater connection between sex and emotion than men do, generally speaking. Psychological studies also show that girls/women take the break up of a relationship much harder than men do, particularly the first one. When sex is involved, giving your body as well as your heart and soul to someone and having them stomp all over it, can be much more traumatic. And if it isn't traumatic, then that may signal a lack of connection between love and sex, which may indicate problems with intimacy later on. I was 30 when I had my first real sexual experience, and it wasn't even the whole, complete act, but it was a 2-year relationship and when it ended, it destroyed me. I never recovered. So even in adulthood, you have to be really careful that you are prepared for what might happen if you are intimate with someone. I also think that young girls, when they are learning about men, relationships and the like, are much more likely to stay in relationships with boys that treat them poorly (verbal abuse, bullying, disrespectful behavior, or even physical abuse) if they are sexually involved with them.

One last thing, when you have sex, it is a very adult thing to do, and it carries a great deal of responsibility (trusting another human being to that degee, and having them trust you, birth control, making sure you don't get pregnant or an STD) there's a certain innocence that it lost. Why not enjoy being a kid for a little while longer? I know you won't believe this, no one ever does, it's one of the great cruel jokes God plays on us, we spend all our youth wishing we were older, and all the rest of our lives wishing we were kids again. Enjoy being a kid while you can. It'll be over before you know it, and you'll miss it. But you'll get much more out of it and remember it with fewer regrets I think if you enjoy it and don't worry so much about tossing it away as fast as you can.

The benefits of starting sex as a teen? I honestly can't think of one reason not to wait until you're at least out of high school. Sex really isn't just something fun we do with out bodies. Most significantly, it's what creates human life, and what's more significant than human life? How much respect can we have for human life if we have no respect for what creates it?

Just my little two cents.

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