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[QUOTE=babydoll20]there is reconstructive surgery for women who have had babies and want that "tight" look and feel again that they loose with having childbirth.[/QUOTE]
But there is a big difference between childbirth and intercourse. I mean, have you seen the size of a baby's head in comparison to a penis! Also, childbirth has the additional complications of the physical changes of pregnancy, and many women have an episiotomy.
[QUOTE=babydoll20]it would be nice to think our vaginas were tight little places untill we turn 100. If that was the case, I would still be having pain from intercourse my first time. [/QUOTE]
It is possible that the pain you experienced your first (few) time(s) was caused by nervousness, tensing up, lack of lubrication, etc. Of course your vagina will not remain exactly the same throughout your life, but neither does any other part of your body! Everything changes as we grow and age, regardless of sexual experience.
[QUOTE=babydoll20]why do u think Sue from the sunday night sex show says the best way to lprepare a virgin for sex is by inserting 1, 2 and 3 fingers? to stretch the opening up enough to have a penis enter.[/QUOTE]
I love that show! Actually, she says to do that to prepare for how it feels, to help you relax, etc. Not to actually stretch the tissue (ouch!).

I am sorry to be so insistent about this, but I think it is a subject that a lot of people have questions about. It just doesn't make sense that a vagina would become stretched out due to sex. That is what it is for. Your mouth, another mucous membrane, doesn't become stretched out from eating. And notice that no one thinks sexual activity will alter the characteristics of the male genitalia in anyway. Women in most cultures are supposed to be sexually inexperienced in ways that men are not, and telling a young girl that she will permanently damage/alter herself through sexual activity (and her future husband will be able to tell) is a pretty good scare tactic. People incorrectly think that a woman who feels "loose" has necessarily had a lot of sexual experience, and that is just not so.

Okay, now my rant is done!

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