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Re: Kegels?
Jan 23, 2005
[QUOTE=YellowCrayon]Ok I know we can't post how-to's, but I was wondering what Kegels all included for girls. Me and my bf were discussing it tonight and wondering if it would make a difference. I had heard there were weights you could get, but apparently they're really expensive. I've also heard of stopping yourself while peeing, but wasn't sure how good that was for your body. Is there something else I could do or use to strengthen my muscles down there?[/QUOTE]

Kegel exercises will definitely make sex better for your guy, especially if you do them during sex. Basically you just want to squeeze the same muscles that would stop you midway through peeing. But you can do these anytime, not just when you're going to the bathroom, because no one will be able to tell. Just squeeze as hard as you can then release, and repeat over and over. These exercises will not only make sex more intense for your BF, but should also increase your own pleasure. For more specific instructions, you can search for Kegel exercises on any search engine. Good luck!

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