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Mar 14, 2005
Ok So, my girlfriend and i were going to have sex for the first time for both of us on valentines day. so she comes over and we make out and stuff for like 2 hours.. then i start to take off her pants, she takes them off the rest of the way, and takes of her underwear.. i was still pretty horny, and i got a condom out, and opend it, except i think i opend it to soon.. it unravled so i started to get nervous, and getting soft.. then i had her start to touch 'it' to get me aroused again, but it didnt seem to work.. then she did oral but she did it to much and when i was about to get the condom on i ejaculated...

now my question is that was it that i was nervous?, because usally when we first start making out im horny, and when she goes to jerk me off im always horny.. but why when we were going to have sex i get soft?

some people told me its because there was too much foreplay and that i just wasnt into it.. then some people said i was just nervous ( which i think it could be) and some told me it could be an erection problem .. but im 16 so i dont think its possible... but i do have problems with my prostate so i dono...

so what could it be??

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