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Jun 2, 2005
ok, i had asked a question before, and gotten some advice, and even went to the doctor and he told me the same thing, but didnt really help me, just helped me not to worry it was something serious. im 17 and am still a virgin. this summer if i can get enough money, im planning on going to see my gf, this is the first time we are to meet, and she wants to have sex to see what its like. but my foreskin on my penis is for a lack of a better term, to small. i've been told by my doctor and by members here just to strech it. well i have and i can fully pull back the foreskin when im about half way erected, but if im fully erected, i can only pull the foreshin over the head, not the corona. and if i have the foreskin pulled back and start to fully erect, i can feel the forskin cutting into my penis becuase it isnt big enough and it hurts becuase it starts to cut off ciculation. i was wondering if anyone had any advice or ideas of how i can speed up the process or at least some detailed directions of how exactly im suppose to be streching the foreskin. i had an idea of just keep on pulling back, but it doesnt seem to be working all that good. someone help me please, i want to be able to be ready for the end of this summer! oh and also, when i am able to pull back the foreskin when its soft, in order for the skin to go back over the head fully, it the skin like goes inside out. like about half way pulled down, the skin from the inside of the forskin starts to come out so i can pull it down fully. is that normal or ok? when i went to the doctor to check for those deases with the p's, he pulled it back and said i was fine. but im still worried help. also i have read what geoff has wrote, srry if i spelt the name wrong, but it doesnt seem like it is working. i've been trying for the last month or so, but havent done it reguallay.

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