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My opinion is he probably isnt all the way hard. If hes not fully erect, it does seem almost impossible to get it in. It could be the first time jitters, or it could be him getting use to the condom, it could be anything. But that fact that you said he kept loosing his erection, makes me believe that he was having trouble maintaining one at all. It might seem fully erect in size, but it still could be soft and bendable, more so than it should be. Did it keep bending when you would go to push it in?
I agree with the first person who replied I think it was. You need to stop focusing on getting it in, and just go about it naturally. Have long long foreplay and get yourselved both really worked up. Theres a lot of pressure on a man when he first has sex, and you need to do everything to take his mind off of it. Keep him in the moment with you, don't let his mind start wondering to when your going to start having sex and whether or not he can perform. When the time comes, use lots of lubrication, use a lubricated condom, and go to it. If you can't get it in, try performing oral sex on him and get him hard again, then use more lube and try again.

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