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Hi, last night i lost my virginity with my girlfriend. I was very nervous to have sex for the first time (now i dont know why i was so nervous but..), my girlfriend is absolutely HOT. She is one of the girls that all the guys drool over. This is the part that i do not get, seeing her naked did not arouse me very much, i performed oral on her and fingered her and i diddnt have a very hard erection. At some times it was totaly soft. Even when i had sex i wasnt totaly hard... WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? :confused: Also, during sex... i had my orgasm within a minute and a half... why did this last so short??? I thought sex was supposto last like a half hour or an hour. I didnt make my girlfriend hit orgasm, she said she was close... but is this going to happen every time? i would rather have her hit orgasm first because she can keep going after she hits it, however i cannot, and i would like her to have the pleasure, not me. Also when i had my orgasm it didnt feel as good as i thought it would, it felt about the same as masturbating, is this normal? Please help me. Thanks.

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