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Even as late as the 1970's the myth that masturbation could lead to blindness, hairy palms, weakness, spots - just about anything bad, in fact - was still peddled in school playgrounds. And what of the insult "******"? Why should a word which speaks of self-pleasuring remain an insult even now, in our supposedly enlightened age? Presumably the obvious reason is that masturbation is a solitary pleasure, so anyone indulging in it is seen as a loser. And yet, as we now know, almost all boys masturbate, and most girls too. So the association of a healthy practice with an insult is probably another reflection of our society's widespread shame and guilt about masturbation.

And masturbation is a healthy practice. It boosts the immune system (probably because it makes you more relaxed), it can relieve tension and anxiety, it can help you get to sleep at night (many men masturbate in bed each night before falling asleep since the hormones released by the brain after a man has reached orgasm induce sleep), it keeps your penis in good working order, and it can help you understand your body and sexual responses. This might not be something science has studied in great detail for men, but the benefits of masturbation are clear. (They're even clearer for women, since a self-induced orgasm can relive menstrual cramps and provide relief from pain. And if a woman's pre-orgasmic, it's most likely she's going to learn how to come from masturbation. Even if she's in a sexual relationship, it's most likely she's going to get her orgasm from masturbation or oral sex during foreplay rather than from intercourse itself.)


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