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Keeping it hard
Sep 21, 2005
hey i think i have a problem of keeping blood in my penis...
Last night when my girlfriend and i were laying in bed we were kissing and stuff and I got really hard but then when i went to get on top of her, my erection started going down.
This seems to always happen too, when it comes time to actually get something done i fail to perform.
I'm almost sure its not an issue of confidence....and we are pretty comfortable with each other....I'm 17 and am a virgin.

can I try waiting for it to get hard and then putting a rubber band around the base or something...??
Re: Keeping it hard
Sep 24, 2005
My are correct. A cock ring would help keep the blood in the penis a bit longer but you're right. ...I wouldn't recommend it for this problem.

A cock ring should be used by experienced partners. Your situation would NOT be helped by a cock ring, and may be hindered by one.

I wouldn't suggest you use this device on your first few times. As I said before, I think your issue is my experience people who use cock rings are far more experienced and are using it for a totally different reason - NOT to help "get it in" for the first time.

Once you two have figured out what works for you, you may want to try a cock ring although I've never had any real luck with these things myself (and I've been to plenty of "adult" toy stores and have tried lot's of stuff) some are great for me and some are not so great.

Just please don't try a cock ring until you can get over your issue...which I think is mental and not physical at all. Just relax and let nature take it's course.....really...RELAX

Good luck,

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