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Some guys will try to confuse girls and say that if they just stick it in a little bit the girl will still be a virgin. Technically, if the penis breaks the hymen, the girl is no longer a virgin. How far can a penis be inserted and the girl still be a virgin, especially those girls whose hymens were borken asexually? Not very, and I would trust no boy who says he will only rub the opening of the vagaina with his penis, as it is simply too tempting to plunge right in.

Also, especially if condoms are not used, virgin boys are knowm to ejaculate on that first stoke, or even if the head of penis touches the opening of the vagina, so pregnancy is an issue, not to mention STDs. (Never let a penis near your vagina without a condom!)

It can be difficult to refuse sex with a boy in the heat of the moment if he is pressuring you, so I congratulate you on sticking to your priniples and holding off until you are ready.

And, yes, some guys (most) can be really turned on by a girl's butt. Don't ask me why - it is just the way guys are.

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