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Help asap! Penis..
Oct 26, 2005
I'm 17, and i have a rather short frenulum (skin which connects penis head to foreskin) and my foreskin is a bit tight. I can retract it fully when not hard, but i cannot retract it fully when erect.
ANYWAY, today my girlfriend and i were fooling around, and there was a really bad pain, and later this afternoon i checked and the frenulum has stretched alot and very painful (hasn't torn). Is there anything i can do?
Also, if anyone knows any information on frenulum breves, is it possible to have sex with one without it tearing? And is there anything that can help? I've heard that a condom can help avoid pain/tearing, but someone else told me it makes it worse.

Please write back ASAP! i need my penis! lol.

Thanks in advance!

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