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Hey, thank you for the replies!

Firstly, i'm 17, and still a virgin, and this is the first girl i really 'been' with for more than one night. I'm not taking any medication, but lately i've been under ALOT of stress because of my final exams/graduation due in the next 2 weeks or so. I can get a normal erection, but it seems to take longer sometimes. I'm also worried about my family, as my parents are about to get divorced. Could this all have something to do with my problem?

My girlfriend really wants to have sex, but i've got all these problems, like keeping an erection while trying to put on a condom, tight foreskin (frenulum breve) and i take so long to orgasm (not necessarily a bad thing for her, but for me yes!)

Tonight i got her off twice but she couldn't return the favour!
She gave me a blowjob for like 30 minutes, and tonight i actually felt it sometimes (either she's getting better or i'm slowly overcoming my problem! hopefuly both..) but she had to go, so there was alot of pressure on me to come.. I don't know, i just wish i could share the experience with her..

and i'm scared of what will happen the first time we have sex, like will i be unable to stay hard? Will i be unable to put the condom on properly? (I seriously can't, it gets stuck around my head then ends up all wrinkled and not fitting properl, i've looked around the internet, but couldn't find anything other than the basic: place on tip, roll down, etc), and will my foreskin hurt too much?

I keep reassuring her that its not her fault.. but i am starting to get worried that this is more than just stress. Is there any way to increase my sex drive? I've read that certain foods/vitamins can help a little bit.

For most of the year i've struggled with lust (horny like everyday) that it started to become a problem, so i took down all my posters of chicks, got rid of all my porn and decided to back off a bit from girls. Could this have something to do with it?

I'm really sorry this is so long... and i know that you guys can't miraculously fix me and my problems, but i would like some advice, and it makes me feel better just to be able to talk about it.

Thanks alot!

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