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If she doesnt wanna do it, give up. Deal with it. But if you are going to continue to make her try, as far as i know i dont know if you can actually learn the deepthroat, i have heard some people you can eventually do it with practice, but i have also heard that some people just can, and others cant no matter what. So i dunno. I wanted my gf too, i actually tried to make her one time,she wouldnt, and i have never felt so ****** about myself in my life, but thats just me.
It's all to do with mastery of the gag reflex. Honestly, try sticking your toothbrush down the back of your throat some time and see how well you keep yourself from throwing up, then try to keep that in perspective next time you're with the girl. I've been told that if the girl swallows when the gag reflex kicks in it goes away, but as I'm a guy I have no idea about this all... and yeah, don't push. :p

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