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I assume you are talking about the labia minora??? I have the same problem...I'm 51...on my 2nd current hubby thinks it is beautiful...I think that most men will not care...My husband thinks it is sexy to have an enlarged labia minora.

I also have an enlarged clitoris...but my labia minora is very large ( I have never had it measured, but it is large)...has always hung my "thin" days I could not wear tight pants...I could never were thongs) was noticeable and my pants would rub and irritate me.

I always hated it ( I can symphathize with you)...when I was a teen and went over to other girls house and spent the night(which was frequent)...girls always undressed together and even showered together...I was the only one like that and was made fun of and felt like I was a freak or abnormal...then when I saw pictures and did research I see that other women are just like me !!

Clitorises and labia minoras come in all shapes & sizes just like men's genitals do. It is nothing to be ashamed of...I know there is a reduction surgery that is done to reduce the inner lips (labia minora). I too, was always embarrassed and felt like I could never let anyone see me down there. But I delivered 2 healthy children and no doctor ever mentioned anything to me...and like I said my hubby loves it.

If someone really likes or loves you and cares about won't matter..they will like you for you and not the size of your genitalia. I know it is a hard thing to discuss...I never talked to anyone about it until I started dating my second husband...I was 39. Please, don't be embarrassed about who you are. See a doctor if you think there is something that can be done...maybe they can help reassure you.

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