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Hello, my name is Dima. For the last couple of days I have been REALLY worried about my penis size (Ha, not a surprise). I am 17 years old , I'm about 5'8, and weigh around 112LB (sounds like I am SUPER skinny) People that look even smaller then I (in weight) weigh more then me. Example of one person I talked to, he weighed about 125LB and looked as of my size if not a bit smaller. I guess I have a fast metabolism.

Problem: I was never really too found of my penis.
1) I'm uncircumcised.
2) My penis never was really that big, although I fit in the average size (6in) that's just my opinion.

When I was 16 years old I remember measuring my penis; ERECT: Length - 6 inch, Circumference - 3.5 inch. Being unconfident and worried about my penis, I started to do a bit of research. I had found MANY sites in which contained other males with penis inquires (size, uncircumcision...etc) asking doctors for answers. Regardless of what doctors would say as a reply I didn't believe everything that was said. For Example, "Women donít care about size..." Which many teenagers and I would disagree on. I know that in a REAL, LONG, and MEANINGFUL relationship it does not matter, but when youíre living the everyday life of a teenager going to parties, movies, and hanging out, you encounter a lot of girls that are willing to have sex. A good percentage of females my age I've talked to have told me about how they've had sex with older guys then me (17-25 year old guys) and they werenít doing this to make me feel low about myself, but it was more of just a conversation. With having some luck on my hands I have been able to cover the question "how big is my penis". For this reason, I'm still a virgin and live life of a so called "bad boy". I REALLY do want to experience SEX, which a lot of my friends already have. I know that being a virgin is good, but I donít care, I WANT to try it before I'm older, so I'd know what the heck I'm doing (which I'm pretty sure I would still manage to know exactly what to do). All my life I've been covering my penis being ashamed of it and even till this day. I just feel as if my penis wonít be big enough since a lot of girls have had sex with an older more mature male. I tend to masturbate just about everyday just depends on how packed my day is. I think the most I ever masturbated in a day was 8 times give or take.

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OK! So I'm finally going to address my problem. As long as I can remember my penis has been VERY transformative in the means of size. When flaccid it changes sizes a lot in a day (going from large to small and visa versa) and it's not due to temperature, speaking I'm from Florida. I remember when I would sit down to masturbate my penis would be nice, soft, and squishy (Like a sponge). I would give my penis a light squeeze and felt normal. But for the last week I feel as if my penis shrank and it really does look smaller. When I squeezed my penis this last week (WHEN FLACCID) I feel as if it's dead; it is not as squishy and as big as before. I have been taking adderal for the last week because I have exams to study for. I know adderal (IN MY EXPERIENCE) that it really messes with your daily diet, so I havenít really eaten a whole lot this last week, but I have been drinking lots of water, since I have cut back on the drugs and started living healthier again.

What is wrong with my penis? Is it because I lack a healthy meal couple times a day? Is it because of drugs? Is it because of puberty? What are things that can help me?


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