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A few nights ago, I had sex for my first time. After I had oral sex with my gf, I out on a condom, but soon after(before I put my penis in her vagina), I lost my erection. I was worried about this, but then i just went back to oral sex to try and get another erection, it work, and I procecced with sex. Half way through intercourse, I stop and we tried another position, and again, i lost my erection. Now I want to know is this normal at all? I am worried that if this keeps happenening, my gf won't want to have intercourse again. Also, she tells me that she has never had a orgasm during sex, or anywhere for that matter. She says that evern was she masturbates, she has a hard time to orgasm. Is this common in women or not?

Thank you
Eric.....unfortunately, it is common for women to go many years before they have orgasm....though I am surprised that she can not do it for herself during masturbation. I wonder if inplimenting a vibrator would help.
Anyway as for your issue, I think it is pretty common. Actually my hubby had the same issue when we began using condoms as our sole birth control method. He wasnt used to the feeling, and constriction. WHat he did was get himself conditioned to what the condom feels like. When we would play around, he would put a condom on, and he would either masturbate (with lube) or I would give him oral sex with the condom on. It didn't take very long for him to get used to the feelign of the condom, and the problem ended. Try incorporating condoms in your masturbation, or foreplay.

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