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Condom fit?
Jun 28, 2006
I was wondering what the proper fit for a condom is? last night my girlfriend and I wanted to have sex for the first time, so I went out and bought some condoms. After some foreplay, we both felt ready, so I took a condom out, but I had difficulty getting it on over the top, and then I went soft. I was worried about going soft, but I was a bit tired so I think that may have had something to do with it (along with nerves). How easy should it be to get the condom on? I worked on it today, but it didnt quite get to the bottom and took a tad bit of work to get off, having to pull it off from the bottom over the top with some effort. I used Trojan-enz lubricated, I have about a 7.5 inch penis (maybe a tad under), 2 inches wide.
Re: Condom fit?
Jun 28, 2006
What you should do is just practice putting one on before you and your girl have sex. Try masturbating and then putting one on. It reallys isnt that difficult so this shouldnt be a lasting problem. And with the nerves and going soft and what not, don't worry about it man. Litterally dont worry about it. The more you worry the worse it gets. Just relax and have fun.

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