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I have been shaving my pubic hair front to back for about 5 years now. The first couple times you may experience some irritation down there. The cause for this is the skin is subjected to alot of sweat and bacteria as a result of being covered all the time. Some advice I can give you is: use shaving cream or i've found that hair conditioner works well also, use a good razor, but at first not a brand new one to cut down on risk of cuts, and do not go against the grain. Be careful to shave down or side to side. Take your time and find a method that works for you. Also, for the first day or two after shaving use baby powder in that area, it keeps you dry and helps to prevent razor burn or rash occuring. I sometimes no matter how careful I am get an ingrown hair here and here. They will eventually go away on their own. Trust me, the girl you're with will thank you for shaving... it cuts down on odor also! Good luck and happy shaving

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