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Re: First time
Jul 27, 2006
[QUOTE=minnesotagirl]Just wanted to add a woman's perspective, and I agree with the above poster--nice job!

Take things slow. I don't think most young girls are dying to "get off" -- that's not important to them. I know it is important to guys, but not girls. Most girls just want to feel special.

Sexual maturity must be learned, not taught. Many people aren't good at it until they are older or have been in a long relationship (meaning, several years).[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the kind words minnesotagirl! Back to topic.

She brings up two very great points. Sexual Maturity is something that takes years and years to reach. This will not happen over night so don't expect it to. Also, her comment about women not being interested in orgasm. This is very true. Most women do not masturbate until after their first sexual experience, some never. It seems that boys begin the trip down that road as soon as they are old enough to know the point of doing so. Try not to think like a male when going about pleasing a female. Trust me, you view sex, orgasm, and pleasure in a completely different way and always will. Make sure she feels beautiful. Tell her how soft her skin is, how good she tastes, how amazing she smells... things like that. If she feels beautiful, she will relax and when she is relaxed on only then will she be able to achieve orgasm. Love her body as a whole, not just her private parts. Hope this helps you. Once again, best of luck


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