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The pill is actually hormones (synthetic estrogen and progesterone) that cause the body to think it is pregnant (in a sense) to prevent ovulation. Ovulation occurs once a month during a woman's cycle -- typically 14 days after her period, but that varies -- and it occurs over about 1-3 days generally, when the woman "drops down" an egg (the ovaries release an egg) so it can be fertalized. This is a woman's fertile period, and there may be some slight clear/white discharge. The pill prevents ovulation from happening, so a woman on the pill (if taken correctly) won't ovulate. The pill also may thicken cervical mucus, making it harder for sperm to enter the uterus

As far as your girlfriend not being horny, since the pill is hormones, it can affect her in many different ways. Some women may experience a loss of sexual desire. Has she always seemed not that horny, or has it changed due to the pill? If she has always seemed that way or you don't know, then it could just be that your girlfriend isn't a super horny girl, which is totally normal. As a basic rule, guys think about sex WAY MORE (like, WAY MORE) than girls do. Girls generally appreciate the emotional aspects of a relationship much more. Though of course, girls/women do enjoy sex.

Loss of sexual desire is just one of many side-effects a woman can experience while on the pill. Others may include moodiness or weight gain, Many don't have any side-effects at all. Quite often side effects diminish after she is on the pill for awhile. Its also important to note that women shouldn't smoke when taking the pill, as there is a long-term potential for stroke/heart disease (high blood pressure) when you smoke and take the pill at the same time.

So, it could be the pill, or it could be just her. Either way, I would try to be an understanding boyfriend.

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