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I keep losing it...
Nov 10, 2006
I already know that there is a thread over this topic, but my situation is a little different. Sorry if this is an inconvenience though.

Anyway, here it is...

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little more than 4 months now. We are both 16 (I'll be 17 in a few days, she'll be 17 in 2 months), and we're both virgins. The both of us have pretty high morals so don't think we're both childish idiots. We both feel as if we have a much more mature relationship than anyone our age. I'm sure some people snicker and giggle at that but that's how we feel. Anywho, we're are trying to attempt sexual intercourse. However, I can't keep my erection once the condom goes on. Before the condom goes on, like during foreplay, I can get good erection while we're just fooling around. I'm pretty wide so I think that maybe the condom is just preventing blood from flowing into the penis.

But, we have attempted this twice. Once in my truck (mistake, we couldn't get comfortable) but I didn't really have room to stretch my legs, and guys know that when our legs are outstretched we can get it bigger.

So today after school, we came to my house, drove out onto a piece of land we have out here, and spread a blanket. We started messing around, got the clothes off, I got off to a very impressive start... of course, until that latex prison went on. It stayed big for a bit, but soon went away. I mean, it was still considered an erection... but it's what you would call a "semi" I guess. Ha.

We first tried getting it in with missionary. Didn't really work... that's about the time I lost it. I opened my legs, I moved around, blood flowed... it just went away! I can't get the condom on unless I'm standing up, on my knees, or on my back. There's no way I could get it on while I'm on top of her! So, we flipped over and tried her on top. We just started to kiss and touch again and I started getting it back, but not all the way. We tried putting it in, but since I'm not at hard as possible, it just bends or... moves away! We're both killing ourselves over it. She's putting herself down for thinking she's too tight, or that maybe she's just not "physically able to get it in" and I'm doing the same by thinking I have erectile disfuntion at age 16!!!

I don't really believe that it's ED, because she's given me oral and handjobs quite a few times, and have never had a problem with losing it.

Her vagina 'entrance' does seem to be quite small. I've fingered her a few times, and it's tight just on my middle finger... and my middle finger is probably 3 times smaller than my penis...

Is it all in my head? Am I just terrified of sex? I don't think I am... I mean I'd love to share this with her. We've been best friends for a long time... a couple for a few months... I love this girl.

All we are trying to do right now is get it in. We don't want to have sex at the moment. We made a deal with one another, once we started to get strong sexual feeling, to wait at least until 2007 to do it. Now that doesn't mean that January 1st we're gonna jump in bed, but it's an open door after that.

The first time we tried we were uncomfortable. Second time we were terrified we were gonna get caught. This makes me think that all situations have to be right physically and mentally for it to even work...

Could there really be something wrong with my anatomy? Do I need to get a bigger size condom to helo bloodflow? I mean I bought the basic size, but still. Do I need to be prescribed viagra at 16 years old?!

I'm actually scared of what could possibly be wrong. I don't want to go my whole life without having sex with her...

Can anyone help? Or relate?

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