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Dec 3, 2006
Hey all,

Ive got a pretty annoying problem. I can't seem to get a good erection when I'm fooling around or having sex with a girl. Like, my "shaft" will get fairly hard, but my actual penis head remains pretty small and soft. And overall, my erection is smaller and softer than what I acheive during masterbation. Whats worse is that I easily lose my erection when I'm actually having sex, especially when I'm on the bottom. Using condoms makes this problem much more pronounced (dont worry, i do it anyways, the only time i havent has been with a girl who was on birth control -- im certain she didnt have any stds either)

I should mention that the only times I've had sex has been with random girls I don't know, when I've been drinking. BUT, I've recently finally got a girl i really care about, and when we make out and "dry hump" (havent had sex yet), i still have found my erection still doesnt fully get up there.

Is this just performance anxiety? I do get pretty nervous (in pretty much all social situations, not to mention sexual areas), like my heart will start beating a mile a minute and such. I dont know what to do though, I'm always kind of anxious! Maybe I just need time to get comfortable with my new (and first, girlfriend?) Or should I ask my doctor about some medication for anxiety or something. Thanks for any input.

PS -- maybe some herbal/natural remedies could help my situation?

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