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Hey dan_cing,

You're right..... the word ejaculate is the correct terminology for a female orgasm. It is not just males who ejaculate, although females tend not to use the word as often as it is referred to males. When a female reaches orgasm (which some do & some [U]think they[/U] don't), the muscles of the vagina relax and contract rapidly, as do the muscles of the uterus. The glands of the vagina (Bartholin's glands) [U][B]discharge[/B][/U] a watery secretion, which acts to lubricate the vagina. I say that some women think they don't ejaculate, as this is some womens thoughts, however more often than not.... they will have ejaculated a small amount of fluid & not realised this & just mistaken it for other bodily fluids. This is not always the case though... there are some women that are physically unable to reach orgasm!!!

Some females can squirt (your choice of words)!!! However, many women don't actually realise it if they are, as there is often the pressure of your partners groin area there, therefore you can just feel additional lubricant. I'm under the impression that when a girl does reach orgasm.... that majority (if not all) of the discharge, is expelled from the body and creates this wetness & natural lubricant! Therefore, yes.... it does come out of the vagina, but you will more often than not just feel the wetness of the discharge & it can often also just trickle out as orgasm is occuring. It is a mucous like fluid having a clear, milky, or yellowish coloration and a slimy type of feel (not just like water), it is hard to describe... but as mentioned before! It is like a mucousy feel! As the volume of the expelled fluid increases it becomes like clear water. In small quantities it may have a distinct scent that is musky or pungent but when the fluid increases in volume and becomes clear there is no longer a detectable scent.

The taste or smell of female ejaculation is different from person to person, as is males, and this can depend highly on hygiene & also what you eat & how much fluid you have consumed. The menstrual cycle influences the type of fluid expelled also.

Don't worry too much though honey, as every women is different & you will find that out! Also i doubt that you will be able to find out what is healthy or not from the way in which you orgasm, because as i mentioned before..... every woman IS different & we all experience different pleasures etc & some women never can reach orgasm, so my best advice to you.... is to listen to your body & tell your boyfriend what works for you.... visa versa :) This is how many couples build healthy sexual relationships & this also inturn hightens your chances of reaching orgasm, as you & your partner know exactly what excites you:D

Hope i've been of some help to you..... & i'll check back soon to see if you've found this educational in any way!

Until then, take care :wave:

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