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Re: Scared of sex?
Jan 21, 2007
Embarrassed to show your vagina to a doctor? Honey, how many vaginas do you think a gynecologist has seen in their lifetime? How many do they see every day? Trust me, yours is not the first. In fact I bet any gyno has seen the exact same problem you have before. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Regardless of whatever your parents or your church or whoever you grew up around told you, EVERYONE HAS A VULVA. Your clit, your vagina, your labia, your pubic hair, that is all just like your arms and legs. And believe it or not, everyone has problems with their genitals at some point or another. Some women can't have orgasms, some have a funny smell, some have too much discharge, some can't produce enough lubrication, some have very long labia, some can't get pregnant, etc, etc. Me personally, I can't even have sex with my husband because nothing will go in my vagina. It's like a brick wall. I have vaginismus, and before I learned that thousands of women all over the planet [I]also[/I] have vaginismus, I wanted to die of embarrassment, shame, and low self esteem.

So what I'm trying to tell you here is that you are not the only girl on the planet who has a weird, painful, inconvenient problem with her genitals. Being embarrassed is not what you need to worry about. What you need to be worrying about is having this problem diagnosed and treated so that when the time comes, you can have a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship with a man.

You can be "lame" and wait five years if you want, but is your bump going to go away in five years? And would you rather go to a doctor now and evaluate your problem and possibly fix it so that you can lose your virginity successfully, or would you rather wait til that special night and end up embarrassed and in pain?

It's your body and it's totally up to you how you want to take care of it.

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