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Err.. hymen?
Feb 17, 2007
okay... this is gonna be really long since i have so many questions it seems like.

okay, well, im very young but i act very mature for my age when it comes down to this stuff. and i absoloutely HATE talking to my mom about this, because she always thinks that ive BEEN having sex or something stupid like that. i know like, all there is about sex, since ive been looking around at things on the internet in replacement of my mom (lol). i started my period last year, i have a boyfriend, i know were babies come from and know about birth control, condoms, yadayada. but i want to know if it hurts the first time you have sex. i mean im not going to have sex until im at least 17/18/19, i know way better than that, but im just wondering because of recent things that ive been scared about. i know that your hymen has to break to generally.. "lose your virginity." and before, my mom got me a book about female anatomy and things like that, and they had diagrams and stuff of. well. vaginas. and it showed where the hymen was. so as i got older and remembered that, i got more into my body, feeling around (not to sound gross, but havent we all done it?), etc.. so after i finally stopped wincing at looking at my own private parts, i realized that mine was different looking than the ones in the diagrams. you could actually TELL there was a hymen in the ones in the book, but when i looked at mine, there was like, nothing there basically. i think i have a generally longer labia thats partially covering it or something, i dont know. ive heard of skin tags before but im not sure if thats what it is.

on other notes... this year i tried using tampons, but trying to put them in hurt SOOO BAD!!! i decided to look on [the internet] and see if there was something wrong with me, and it said that it shouldnt hurt at all. this made me feel really self conscience about myself. also because whenever i told my friends that tampons hurt to put in, there expressions were always "no it doesnt! what are you talking about?" i got so upset about this i cried for about a day because i thought something was really wrong with me. the site that i went to also said that it may be because i was born with a very small hymen, but it was only common in about 2% of teens. someone said to try using my finger to get used to having something semi-deep in my vagina, so i used my index finger, and i got it maybe more than half way up there..or so it felt. (i was still on my period, mind you). so the next day i felt a little better, and i tried putting another tampon in. this time i got it the same distance i got my finger in--a little more than half way. but it was only the applicator. i didnt push the cotton part out. i thought that maybe it was because i wasnt so tensed up and nervous about it hurting, but i dont know. i always think that if i cant get a tampon all the way up there, ill never be able to have sex because the guy' wont be able to fit either. haha... but still. whenever i hear stories about how horrible their first time felt when their hymen broke, i get so nervous and self conscience that i begin to like..shake from nervousness. so my real question is, do you think im still normal or think ill be able to still be sexually active in the future? im really scared i wont be able to have kids and stuff like that when im ready in the far future because of whats happening now.

PLEASE reply, i need someone to talk to me about this... :(

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