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My Penis Size
Feb 27, 2007
Ok well heres the story. I sent my girlfriend a picture of my erect penis because she kept asking me to. The last time i showed her my penis was like 2 years ago because she lives far away. Anways i am very self conciese about my penis size, because she used to ask me all of the time will it grow any more. Making me think i was not good enough and it was small. I have posted about my conciess of my penis being small and most everyone said penis size matters more to guys than it does to girls, well in this case it seems like it does matter alot to her. So this conversation over AIM just made me more and more worried about the size of my penis. This is how the conversation over AIM went. Do you think this is normal in a teenage relationship? Should i stop putting so much pressure on myself? Should I get a new girlfriend? What should i do?

Her: Omg
Her: I got it
Me: has it grown?
Her: Im so surprised
Her: Yes it has
Me: i mean cus 4 sme reason i cant tell
Her: Lol
Me: well get ready cus here come bout 9 more pics
me: different ones from different angles
me: so u get any more?
her: Hows school
me: its ok
her: Dats good
her: No
her: Wats ur GPA
me: 3.1
me: so has it really grown?
her: Yeah it really has
me: like how many inches
her: Ware were u wen u took it
me: in the bathroom
her: Like 5
her: Oh
her: 4real it was like 2
me: lol
her: Lol
me: is that an okay size for u as of now?
her: Of course
me: u wan bigger?
her: Actually
no: No
me: are u jus playin or are u serious
her: Im just playin
me: darn
me: 4real
her: U really want me 2
me: yes like serious
me: tell me no lie
her: 4real u no im playin no matter wat size ill always love u
me: ok so
me: wht does that mean its still small?
her: No i just told u
her: It grew
me: no lie?
her: Yes
me: Alot?
me: then why was u actin like dat
her: Ok
me: ok what
her: Like some inches
me: u up here playin im serious
me: that mean its to small
her: Say wat i told u it has grown ok ur makin harder dan wat it is kk
me: why u actin like dat all of da sudden?
her: Omg no its big
her: Actin like wat
me: dont lie
me: r u jus playin
me: im really self consience about this
me: just tell me da truth
me: dats all i want
her: Y
me: ***
me: becus i jus wanna know the truth
her: Y u self consiedse
me: please ur makin me angry
mejust answer my question
her: stop
me: whats the truth and dis da laste time ill ask u
her: It has grown
me: how much
her: U
me: huh?
her: Some inches
me: is it big?
me: truthfully
her: Well i really didnt mesure
her: Yes it is big enough 4 me rite now i promise it has grown
me: enough 4 u to stop askin me every 5 seconds has it grown
her: Yes
her: y u so self concience
me: i dont know gotta go
Re: My Penis Size
Feb 28, 2007
Every guy wonders if there penis is good enough for thier partner and likes reassurance, so i can see how you've become concious when she asked 'Will it grow anymore'. But like try-ink said - shes telling you size doesnt matter and that [I][COLOR="Navy"]shes happy[/COLOR][/I] - she likes you, not ur size mate. Remember that and you got it sorted

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