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I Need Help!!!
Apr 6, 2007
*sigh* how to begin?

basicly, me and my girlfriend have been dating for almost 7 months.. we're really into each other and all that.... when we get intimate, i usually help her reach an orgasm by oral sex usualy. whn she goes to return the pleasure, usually by handjob, i cant keep an erection and i "go soft".. i get erctions while we are being intimate, but they dont last long. also at random times through out my day, i get erections for no appearant reason. i have tried doing some research on this problem, and i cant seem to find any one cause. according to other posts, im not impotent because im capable of getting an erection.. im thinking it might be ED? im at that age where i cant really talk to my parents about this, and going to the doctor would rise suspicion with them.. i thought about medicine off the internet, but i dont know what to get and have no way of getting it without raising suspicion as well.. if anyone could help me figure out whats wrong with my body and could give me a solution, it would be very helpful

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