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[QUOTE=ctrl-alt-del;2969520]I recently turned 20 years old and I have not had sex yet. I do sometimes masturbate, however, for health purposes... but as of the last few years I've observed a pattern and I have a question:

Is it normal to feel complete apathy and "feelings of guilt" after an ejaculation for men? It always happens right after an ejaculation and lasts about 5 to 20 mins. The feelings of guilt are along the lines of "what am I doing by wasting my time with this?" and "heck... why do I even need to do this? it's pointless..."

Due to those issues, I'm not sure how I will even ever have sex. I feel as if I will lose interest right after an ejaculation and due to that fact I will last maybe less than a minute. Although I'm really not sure how it goes - someone please tell me if this is a common thing to feel! Thank you![/QUOTE]

Try something for me. During those 5-20 mins. Keep looking at will look disgusting to you...but keep looking at it anyway. Think about what it really is and what it means. Eventually, youll see it like this all the time.

What happens is you realize how utterly stupid a certain thing called lust is, and that a large percentage of the human race are completely consumed by it. Imagine how much people would do with their lives on friday and saturday nights if they werent just wanting to get laid. All the fraternity parties, all the time spent with people they dont even like, all the fake conversations and all the money spent and all the bullshlt people do to try and satisfy this stupid libido of theirs.

Suddenly you realize, personality and fun matter a lot more than sex. Youll realize that you indeed should wait till marriage. When you convince yourself that this is really true, you will suddenly have a lot more time in your life to do fun things with people you truly like. You wont be turned on by girls dressed like *****s anymore, instead youll think badly of their personalities, and let the horny douches waste their time on them while you talk to the girl whos dressed like how you hope your own daughter would. Shell be the one making the jokes you ACTUALLY laugh at.

This is how life used to be for me. It kicked ***. Then I got a girlfriend and am having weird problems so I joined this forum to try and fix it. So I suppose since Im having my own problems maybe I wont be of much help...but doesnt it sound like sense? I think religion might have something to do with it...but I hope not because I was really close to thinking I am done with religion until this weird problem started. So maybe I really am religious...and this post isnt supposed to be about me so ill stop now.

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