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I really think that you should look at it in her point of view. if she doesnt like it-then dont make her. maybe shes embarassed of something, or doesnt feel comfortable with it, maybe she doesnt like the taste, or maybe she worries she doesnt know how to do it right, or she might not feel a conection to you during oral-and it feels wrong or like shes being dirty er something. if its really a problem to you then move on to another girl. im not saying this just for you, im saying it for her too because its a 2 person choice!!! maybe you could coaks (i have no idea how to spell that so sound it out! lol!) her into it. but if she still doesnt like it then.....well.....
[QUOTE=Thisby;3073759]XsomegirlX, can I ask what your comments have to do with my post or did you quote my post by accident?

Because I just don't see the connection between your exclamations about "forcing" and "rape" (your post) and "work through", "being patient" and "talking" (my post).[/QUOTE]

you called me shallow for telling him that they probably werent right for eachother if he was going to try to force her to go down on him when she didnt like it. in my first post I said that it is in her best intrest. not his to break up. if she says no to oral, that is the answer-no! Im simply looking out for her. its not shallow, its called saftey and self respect. if he cant handle her answer and he wants to keep pressuring her about it, then they arent good for eachother. she doesnt need that. some people are into that kind of stuff, some arent. its got nothing to do with working through it because its not a problem. its simply a choice. oral really has nothing to do with love, just lust. so maybe he can be patient, but how long is he willing to wait? they have only been together a few months. I can see why she doesnt feel comfortable with it. its not imature to not go down on a guy she has just started seeing. I found that offencive to her and she isnt here to stick up for herself and so here I am.

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