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I'm not suggesting you just up and tell him 'oh, btw, I'm not a virgin', but I do think that if he actually says something about your virginal state, that you be honest with him. And since he's not a virgin, he has no right whatsoever to have any attitude about it. Usually, I would also say, even if he were a virgin, that it's still not his business. IF he were, and he were planning on this being some big special moment when you each lose your virginity to each other, I could se it being a big deal to him, but this obviously isn't the case.

Anyway, if it comes up it's certainly up to you if you want to tell him - but I'm just saying honesty is worth something. (I'm not a big fan of lying, even if it's a lie by omission. Just my opinion though.)

btw, how do you know he assumes you are a virgin?
[QUOTE=kariJ90;3116741]Its my general reputation at school. I am refered to as "The Virgin". Locally no one knows what happened on my vacation that summer. And i havn't told anyone.[/QUOTE]

those dang reps hey? ah heck, let ppl think what they want, its ur sex life. and sex life should be personal. and no i dont think there is a way for a guy to notice if a girl is a virgin orn ot..i wouldnt know (havent done it yet) .. but ya.. sorry im not much help :(
[QUOTE=SammyT;3122651]those dang reps hey? ah heck, let ppl think what they want, its ur sex life. and sex life should be personal. and no i dont think there is a way for a guy to notice if a girl is a virgin orn ot..i wouldnt know (havent done it yet) .. but ya.. sorry im not much help :([/QUOTE]

Well rep matters. Its different ot be having sex with a boyfriend and having lost it or done with a guy that is older you met on vacation and lied to about ytour age.
Also my first some how knew it was my first time by mentioning it afterwards.
I did not tell him one of the other beforehand.
I assure you he won't be able to tell. Especially since it will be your second time and there won't be much of a change from your first time. But, if you're getting serious with him, it shouldn't really matter to him whether you're a virgin or not and you should just tell him. But, I also understand that you may think your first time was something that you don't want anyone to know about because it may have been a mistake. Then, be willing to live with the uncomfortable moments where you will think back to that point in your life. But, biologically, you shouldn't have any problems faking virginity.
Do you two a favor. Be honest with him. That's the best thing for the two of you. It is horrible to live with a lie upon your shoulders, and it will hurt him so much more if he ever finds out than if you just tell him. In any case why should the school know anything about you? He is the one that is important for you, and you would be surprised on how a guy will not make a big fuss about it, especially if it was only once?
so he still believes u are a virgin or you told him?

anyways it is your past no matter what.... but dont you want a truely honest relationship.... i mean... ive made mistakes.. been and done thigns with ppl i wish i didnt do... but it was my past... and my bf now, knows everything about my past. and he has a big past. but i know (for the most part) of his, its alot so i cant remember it all lol.

honesty....... its truely important.
Tuff call on what to do, back when I was first dating I wanted to know all about my girls history, I don't know why, thats just how guys think at that age. Good or bad I wanted to know. If you feel comfortable keeping this secret to yourself, plan on keeping it for life. If he would find out many years from now that you where not completely truthful to him from the start, the result could be terminal to your relationship. Good Luck.
Also better hope he never runs into the toher guy. Wouldnt do for that to happen. Just imagine he is bragging about what a wonderful gf he has and then goes to show a pic and the guy sees it is you. Next you know he is talking about how good you were in talk about interesting. I can only imagine the questions you will have to answer when he confronts you on that.
But hey if you are honest with him then you wouldnt have to worry about that ever happening. You may think it wont but you will be surprised how things like that can happen. I have run into people I never thought I would at the most random times. Or come to find out a friend of a friend knows me through another friend and so on.
Hopefully that summer and you not telling dont come back around.
Though Ihave to say it is better to be honest and upfront than to hide something like that from someone you care about.

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