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Hope I can help you out. It could very well be a yeast infection. This is cause a very intense itching sensation all over - inside and outside of your vagina. You might be noticing a thick white-ish discharge.

I would suggest going to the doctor, and make a note of your symptoms until you go into see him/her. "Bumps", and especially itchy bumps, also can be symptoms of genital herpes. From what I've read, these bumps will go through stages and each outbreak lasts can last anywhere from a week or longer. they begin as blisters (bumps that are the same colour as the surrounding tissue, and they usually are filled with a clear liquid (so you might notice them rasied up a bit). After the first few days, these usually break open and form more of a shallow, ulcer-like open sore. Because the skin is open, it will be reddish. Another 2-3 days, the clear fluid dries to a yellowish crust and healing takes place.

I get cold sores on occasion, so I've also looked up the genital form as well!

Chances are you are fine. But moniter your symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor and if it is a yeast infection the doctor may suggest a 3 or 7 day regimen of Monistat, or a perscription is available consisting of one pill and works great!

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