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Re: Still a virgin
Nov 28, 2007
[QUOTE=omghelp;3287281]Hey! i am only three years older than you and remember having those friends that would talk about how they had sex and all of that stuff. to tell you the truth i was curious but i never wanted to have sex without it involving love and everything that comes with it. I didn't wait until I got married I waited unitl this past month (now that i am 19) and it was the greatest experience. I chose to wait until i found mr. right for me.
Don't get me wrong i wasn't with my boyfriend for a couple of month before i did it. I have been with him for 1 year and 9 months. i got to know him and knew i truly loved him and that is why i lost my virginity to him.
Please don't feel pressured to have sex just because all of your friends are doing it... you can choos to wait until you are married or until you find that right person. but please don't do it if you are not ready. you want this to be a special moment that you can share with some one you love not something that you will later regret.

i hope this helped

You know thats an interesting subject, which is overstressed by the schools.
My opinion on it is this: sex is just sex, when we had a moral society; this was stressed AND done. Not anymore. Now it is for guys how many chicks can you score with. Okay, whatever, Ill do my best. But sex is natural, and what I dont like are girls who wait for 15 years to have sex. Cmon ladies; whats the big deal? Then theyres the other thing that theyre are no virgins. You will be hard pressed to find a hot girl who is a virgin. But hey, I know that going in, and if you really love the person it wouldnt matter. Now, I dont mean *****s I mean average girls. This will probably come off a sexist or whatever but this is my opinion.

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