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[QUOTE=SpunkyStuart;3387286]Have you seen the stretching information at the top of the Mens Health section on the Healthboard?

Have a look, see if it helps.

Are you saying the cuts are around the ring of the foreskin, when the skin covers the head are they at the end? If so it may be you need to help condition the skin with something like Vaseline Intensive Care lotion or similar, or even Savlon which will help them heal.[/QUOTE]

Hi, thanks for your reply. Also, a thanks to telling me about that thread, it may work, and looks as though it has a good bit of information on. :)

And yes, the cuts go around the head of my penis after masturbation, albeit they are small, but certainly sting and take a few days/a week to heal. I think I get them just due to pulling too hard, due to the tight skin.

Again, thank you for your reply.

EDIT: Also, I can get my skin half way down the 'head' of my penis when erect, and if I wore a condom, would I be able to have sex with my girlfriend, with a full and proper penetration?

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