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Try out the pill! You can get it at Planned Parenthood without your parents knowing but it may cost a little more because you can't use insurance without them finding out. Or you can do what I know some girls do... they go on the pill to regulate their periods or because of bad cramps and then when they have sex, they're already protected and their parents don't have to know it was for that reason. I went on the pill long before I ever had sex because I would get bad stomach aches during my period. My mom didn't question me about it or anything.

No the pill will not make you fat. Some people may gain weight, but every single person I know on the pill did NOT gain weight and some even lose weight. The shot does usually cause weight gain and sometimes a lot, so don't take the shot if you don't want to gain weight. The weight gain from the shot is often in the double digits! I don't get ANY bad side effects from the pill and love it.

You will still have to go to the doctor sometime... it isn't for being sexually active. You get your annual done around the age of 18 (some younger) to make sure you're healthy and to get a pap test. It doesn't have to do with sex and usually STD tests are extra. So, it's best to be honest with your doctor, but you don't have to tell them anything as of now. I went before I ever had sex.

Whatever you do, just do NOT have your guy pull out and only that! So many people still think this is a good way to prevent pregnancy. It's only about 75-80% accurate, so you still have a chance of pregnancy, even if you don't see any pre-ejaculate fluid come out. It may work for some people, but it just isn't worth the risk.

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