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It all sounds very normal.

Bear in mind that the flaccid length is pretty irrelevant to the erect length, some guys show all they have and just stiffen, others grow to the full length from a very small size - sometime quite substantially! Also when you look at other guys naked you are not looking down at them, you are looking across at them and this makes them look different to you. Also, chances are they could be slightly aroused themselves so you are never going to get a true idea of their size unless you are all erect!! So forget trying to compare yourself to other that you may see in the locker room, you will just feel bad!

It may be that you have more than you think if you have a bit of flab you could lose, or maybe it can be made to look longer by trimming your pubic hair a bit.

The diameter again sounds pretty normal, some guys have slim penises and others have thicker ones, it is just what you are made with. Also this will get bigger when erect, so this would be the more useful measurement.

It is still quite possible that you still have a bit more growing to do, time will tell on that one! But there is no point worrying about it, there is nothing you can do to make it grow more or faster so just wait and see.

And yes that is exactly how your glans should feel when you retract your foreskin. The foreskin provides protection and lubrication which give it the slightly moist feeling. If it is too much then just use something like hand lotion to allow you to touch it more, it wont hurt it.

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