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I am 18 and just recently had sex like 2 months ago for the first time. Anyways I have a hard time getting it up and don't know why maybe due to being nervous but when the girl will give me a hand job or bj it takes a long to get it up but once I get it up I lose it quickly like if I change position like getting up or just moving around all together to put it in the vigina. Anyways I was wondering if there is anything I can do to improve my sitution. Thanks for the help
[QUOTE=lollipop123;3605114]i've had the same problem with my boyfriend, its probably just the pressure of wanting to make it good, especially if its your first time. try not to think about it and just enjoy whats going on, more than likely its just the worry of things not going perfectly. just lay back and enjoy whats going on, because the more it happens the more nervous you'll get and it'll keep happening, so my best advise is to not think about HAVING to get/keep it up and just feel what she's doing to you. if you dont like what she's doing then tell her what you do like and things should get easier. Just try to relax![/QUOTE]

Yea I doubt it. What's your qualifications to speak of such things? It seems your bf has a lot of problems if you ask me. Nervousness has nothing to due with erection problems. For all you know he could have feelings for men, and that's why he's not able to get it up. Or maybe he has a serious blood translocation problem. Your advice is unwarrented, and even worse just guesses.

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