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I had the same problem and when I wen't to a doctor, they told me it was a yeast infection. They simply told me it was from how I had explained it, they did not look or anything. The same thing happened, mine went away for a little while them came back. I then saw a doctor and told them that I had continuously re-occuring yeast infections. The doctor told me that the reason you get a yeast infection is because there isn't enough of the natural acidity down there that there is suppost to be. She told me a good way to keep that natural acidity is to get a bucket of water and pore a little bit [about 2 cap fulls] of vinegar into the water then mix it up. Put your fingers into the water, then using your fingers, push them into the vaginal entrance, then upwards and out again, trying to get as much of the creamy substance out, rinse your fingers into the vinegar water again and then enter again until you have as much of it out as possible. Do not use a towel as it can be too rough on the vagina, making the problem worse, fingers are the best possible option to ensure it won't be too uncomfortable. Doing this will restore that natural acidity needed without having to pay for thrush treatment over and over again. If this doesn't work, then you should definately see a doctor.

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