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Hey there. I'm a 16 year old virgin and I've been in a pretty serious relationship for a few months now. In these months, me and my girlfriend have done a lot of sexual stuff (oral sex, hand-jobs, etc). During this time, I've never had a problem getting or keeping an errection. The majority of the time it ends in ejaculation.

But the thing is, recently we've started talking about sex. Until now, the closest we'd come to sex together was a few weeks ago after we'd both been drinking. We decided to go for it, but when it came to it, I found that I had trouble putting the condom on and I could not keep my errection. This worried me obviously, but in the end we both put it down to the fact that we'd been drinking, and I'd never done it before so I was bound to be a little nervous.

The other day we were messing around together and it basically resulted in her on top of me while we were both naked. Obviously I had an errection at the time, and my girlfriend asked me if I had a condom, which I did. So I got it out of my pocked and started to put it on but as I did, it started to go soft. This was a little weird but it still stayed on well so I figured I could just get it hard again. But no matter how much I tried, I couldn't.

The theory that I've formed in my own head is that it's because I'm nervous about sex. I've always had a pretty tight foreskin and I'm quite sensitive underneath, so I've always been a little worried as to whether or not the experience could be painful to me at all. And it doesn't help that now, everytime I get close, I worry about keeping my errection. And as I'm sure all you guys no, its very difficult to maintain an errection while you're worried about something.

So that's my story. I'm fine with everything else but when it comes to sex, I just cannot stay hard. And obviously this worries me so much. I'm pretty sure I'm not gay because I've been attracted to women all my life, and I've never once had sexual feelings for another male. Plus, I've never had any trouble getting hard and ejaculating in other sexual acts with my girlfriend.

What can I do to make this worry go away? I want sex with my girlfriend more than you'd ever believe, but at the same time I'm so worried. She's been so patient with me over this, but I just feel humiliated, and like a failure. And there's really nothing that could make this feeling go away until I know I've conquered this stupid worry that I have.

Any help would be VERY much appreciated. I thank you in advance.

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