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Re: Vagina smell
Jan 19, 2009
you do not need to use summers eve. Perfume does not belong in the vagina. Some women just have strong scents. If it's a fishy or is so strong you smell it without trying you need to go to the doctor to get checked for infection. Wash using just warm water and a wash cloth. Soaps,and douches are known to cause infection. I had severe problems with yeast infections because I used to use soap to clean and douches. I then had a very smart doctor tell me to STOP. I don't know why society tells girls that their vagina is gross and smelly,it's not. Men have a smell down there too, it's normal.
Re: Vagina smell
Feb 19, 2009
[QUOTE=hawaiisports134;3843977]why does my vagina smell?[/QUOTE]
Hey, I just wanted to let you know I HAVE BEEN THERE> There is nothing worse than being intimate with a partner and being self-conscious about your "Female department", UGH!

What it could be that you have is BV (Bacterial Vaginosis), 1 out of every 3 women experience this often and it comes back. This is due to the bacteria in your vagina not being balanced, not an STD. It causes a discharge that has a strong fishy/unpleasant odor especially after sex, and it can cause itching and redness. If you are a female, you know this sucks and can make your life a living hell.
I went to the doctor, got my "Flagyl" and anti-biotics and much to my surprise, the BV cleared up pretty quick...but do you know what came for a nice visit?? A YEAST INFECTION...outstanding! (Do not confuse BV with a yeast infection, they are different and yeast infection "Anti-fungal" will not work to cure this). After I got rid of the cool yeast infection from the anti-biotics...I got ANOTHER case of BV afterwards. I was irritated with going to the doctor and not interested in having another hand inside me, so I searched the internet for a cure.
I read all this nonsense about "Douche with summers Eve"....NOPE...does not work.... "Put a tampon with yogurt on it inside you" NOPE, made it worse and made the smell AWFUL....just a bunch of nonsense......I am not trying to make a flowery yogurt cup, I am trying to get rid of my BV and have my vagina on point lol!
SO, The one thing that actually worked was mixing a solution of half hydrogen Peroxide (I know I was scared...but seriously TRUST can get it at the store) and half water (warm) and put it in a clean (you can buy a normal douche at the store and wash it out) douche and shake very well. Rinse with this douche a couple times and try to hold the liquid inside of you for about 30 seconds to a min. Instantly you see BIG results. You can do this every three days for about 3 times total. Also, Take folic acid, 2 tablets daily from now on.

Also try eating yogurt for good bacteria....with your MOUTH not your vagina, contrary to popular belief =).
Good luck girl.

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