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I'm no doctor, at all, so my word shouldn't mean much.

But, I've had enough sexual episodes to know that technique can make a big difference. There are also other situational circumstances that could apply, such as being more comfortable than in the past, being clothed or fully naked, is the atmosphere cold or warm, were there any dangers such as parents or teachers nearby?

All of this can enhance or interfere with the length of your 'stimulation period'.

Personally, there have been times where, when receiving oral, I've ejaculated in a minute, and others, where the person has gone for 10 minutes and no ejaculation.

Factors, my boy. Factors.

I am not a doctor, as I've said. There MAY be a medical diagnosis that explains it, but my assumption could be reinforced by many, I'm sure. It seems to me that your girlfriend is just getting better at whatever she's doing to stimulate you.

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