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Re: Still a virgin?
Feb 10, 2009
Close call either way in my book, but what the heck does it matter? You know the details so why let some technicality or strick intrepretation guide how you feel? From what you say, you were the first to get it all the way in and in her own mind you were her first. That is what is important. Your guy friend makes a good point, but if he didn't get past the hymen, then maybe he loses, though if he did and simply got stuck, then he is probably right but, again, you made it all the way in and that is what matters in her book.

Actually, if he is trying to argue the point when he knows you like her, he is being a bit of a jerk, and he is possibly a borderline rapist too if he continued with sex after she told him no. You really need to make him aware that if he proceeds when a girl says no, even if she doesn't fight him, it is still legally rape and he could find himself in jail if he does this again.

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