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Apr 19, 2009
(Sorry if there are gramatical mistakes, english is not my mother language)
Hi there, I discovered this site when I was searching internet for information about vaginismus..
To cut a long story short I am with my girlfriend for six months, and we've lost virginity together. I had sex wit her 3 times and everytime it was just wierd.. At firs I didn't come, because it was just painful for her, so we stoped. Second time I asked her, if it still hurts and she lied to me, that it doesn't hurt anymore, so we had "normal" sex but later when I talked to her about it, she admited that she lied and that it was painfull but not horribly painful like it was for the first time. Yesterday we had sex and before I told her to tell me if it hurts so I can stop. So she told me so and I stoped. Than we talked together and I made something like amateur pelvic examination. I could put first and second finger inside, when I used lubricant and the problem is not about her vagina not being deep enough, I could put my whole fingers and part of my palm inside, but about pain which occours near to labia minora when I tried to stretch the vaginal entry(just a little). So intercourse is not impossible for her, but highly unpleasant. She wasn't raped in her childhood or something, she told me so and I trust her and she didn't grow up in disfunctional family or sex-hostitle environment. I think that she is stressed, that she would get pregnant and she is not really satisfied with her body, so she feels embarrased infront of me.. My question is do you think, it is vaginismus (I can answer further questions if you want) and if it is, can vaginismus disappear, or can it be cured just by love, patience and care?

Thank you


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