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I am 18 and have been worried about this since early adolescence when it first became noticeable, back then i thought i had deformed myself from masturbating. I now know that this is not the case but am still very self conscious about it, my labia minora are 2.5-3cm long I think i would be laughed at if i was seen naked. I have never been in a relationship or had sex. I get uncomfortable sometimes like in tight jeans but not excessively so. I cant feel OK about myself, i wish i knew how many other girls my age looked like this and if its normal. Please help.xo
What guy is even going to look that closely? I mean when you are in a sexual relationship the guy could care less of what it measures as long as things work. ...I think just the location 'hides' anything that you think might be odd...but the fact of the matter is all of us women are of different size some larger size that tell you the truth I personally have never given it a second thought about the actual size of it I guess I have never come across anyone that ever cared or bothered to look that closely. I mean when it comes down to it young men are so worried about their size and what you are going to think of them they certainly wouldn't even know if you are of a different size than anyone. Once you do get over this obsession of your size(which makes no difference to anyone)and you feel it is somehow 'in the way' or causes you discomfort(tight jeans are uncomfortable for a lot of women in that area) there is always the option of having it surgically fixed. Just try to relax and enjoy your young life we all have things about us we would love to be different but it all just makes us unique.... God made you just perfect!

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