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About me;

18 Year old Male, Circumcised at the age of 5 due to a tight foreskin.
No sexual activity with another person until recently.
Masturbated 3-4 times a week with porn since ~15/16

Problem is, recently lost my virginity to my girlfriend, we've had sex 3 times now and all 3 times i haven't been able to ejaculate. I can maintain the erection, and i can ejaculate through masturbation. I get close to coming when we have sex but just not quite there and i'm wondering what the problem is?

She turns me on, i keep the erection we have sex for 15-20 minutes but it just won't lol.

My friends said they came within a minute their first time etc, but i think its just i'm still nervous and stuff, but i thought i'd post here to see if anyone knows anything and what i can do to help it.

oh and my upbringing was pretty strict, sex is kind of a taboo in my house, and the first time was with both my parents in lol, kinda nerve wracking :P

Thank you :)

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